What is the TC Family Expo all about?

Our Mission is to provide an inviting & inclusive space for individuals and families to connect with local services & businesses that serve folks who are planning a family, growing their family through adoption and/or pregnancy, and raising young children in Grand Traverse County (Michigan) and the surrounding areas. 

How many attended in 2019? 

~45 exhibitors

~500 attendees

Who are your exhibitors?

People who offer services / products related to one or more of the following categories:

- family planning

- loss of child / pregnancy

- adoption

- pregnancy

- parenting and

- resources for families in the first 6-7 years of raising young children

What restrictions do you put in place? 

UPDATE: This year we are capping registrants for any particular category at 4, total 

We also reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.

What does it cost to be an exhibitor? 

$62.50 for non-profit organizations (Single table)

$129* or $125** for a Single table (4'x2) 

$216* or $210** for a Double table (8'x2')

$400 to be a Sponsor

*paid online

**paid by cash/check

What does the registration fee cover? 

Publicity on our website & social media

Table/s (including a white linen tablecloth) & chairs

Up to 1 hour of setup & breakdown time before & after the event

A meet & greet with your fellow exhibitors prior to doors opening

Face-to-face time with attendees at the Expo

What does Sponsorship include? 

We have a few, limited spaces for sponsors

Sponsors get (in the order in which they sign up & submit payment)

- Table, your choice of size

- Choice of table location

- Additional promotion on our website and social media

- At least one Facebook Live with a member of the Expo team prior to the event

- Give a live demo / presentation at the event (a new feature of this year's Expo!)

May I sell products at my table?


May I split a table with someone else?


We offer a very limited number of split tables. 

***The link is still in the works but will be published shortly for you to request to share a table****

When can I register? 

Priority window

For returning exhibitors from the 2019 TC Family Expo

Open until Jan 31 (link at the bottom of this page)

Open registration Feb 1-Feb 29 

Did you miss out on the 2019 Expo but want to come back? 

Would this be your first time at the TC Family Expo? 

We're happy to have you! 

Registration is open until Feb 29 or until all spaces are filled, whichever comes first

We strive to notify you of your approval status within a week of receiving your application.  

Your registration is not official until we have received your registration fee, paid in full.

Do you have any special suggestions for exhibitors?

Yes! This Expo is interactive! So we encourage you to prepare an activity, elevator speech, giveaway, etc to help you engage and uplift the people you meet. If you are offering something that's fun or funny, interesting or unusual then chances are you'll be doing a great job connecting with the people who want to get to know you and your work. Have fun with it! Be creative! Be authentically you! Doing this will help everyone come away from the 2020 TC Family Expo feeling like their cups have been filled and valuable connections have been made.