About the TC Family Expo  

The TC Family Expo (formerly the TC Birth Expo) was founded in 2015. 

Since its inception, our mission has been to provide an inviting & inclusive space for individuals and families to connect with local services & businesses that serve folks who are planning a family, growing their family through adoption and/or pregnancy, and raising young children in Grand Traverse County (Michigan) and the surrounding areas. 

We welcome exhibitors and vendors from diverse philosophical backgrounds.


Here you will find

- physicians and home birth midwives

- public schools and private schools

- organizations that serve folks through adoption, fertility, birth, and even loss

- holistic helpers and mainstream mavens

(you get the idea!)

We do this because it is our wish that every person who comes through our doors will find family-related resources that reflect their own values and serve their own needs.

So, whatever your pathway toward parenthood looks like, please know that you are welcome here! 


The images on this page are from our very first Expo, hosted March 22, 2015 at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center. 

That year, we had approximately 30 exhibitors and over one hundred people in attendance. In 2018 we had about twice that number of exhibitors and over 500 attendees!

Connect. Learn. Enjoy.